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Refund Policy

1. Refunding guidelines give a 15 days time to apply from the day when delivery is made.
2. For clients re-tendering after the lapse of 15 days time ascribing quality, accordingly, a 30% proofreader and 50% rewriting fee is chargeable. (The 30% and 50% is evaluated against the file quantity)
3. Refunding guidelines provides for the request for files previously labeled Class A (Superb) and B (High-Quality) quality content.
4. We intervene by proofreading yet again to meet requirements on quality and determine eligibility of the refund petition.
5. The call for a money-back or refund proceeds if the supplementary double checking is failing the quality yardstick. A reviewed copy should be transmitted alongside.
6. Refunding guidelines exclude Complicated audio/video or files routed after Rush Ordering.
7. We do not provide for reliance with High accuracy where the files are grouped as Rush batches or Complicated quality sound level.

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